Monday, February 4, 2008


Thursday morning I woke up as a ladybug, ready to embrace the first crazy day of Karneval. I then realized that it was freezing cold out, so the outfit had to slightly change into quite a few more layers. At 11 am, we headed to the opening of Karneval in our neighborhood. It was a fairly relaxed celebration, with a big band on stage. We certainly were about 20 years younger than the average age of the group. Not a bad way to start at all.
After warming up at home, we started our journey to Neumarkt to meet up with some of Chris's classmates. Well, the tram only went so far, and so we had to walk through the first large party. Züplicher Straße, a street lined with bars, was closed to cars and it was just one big party. Broken glass lined the streets, and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon. We finally made our way to Neumarkt, and with Chris's friends we braved Schildergasse and headed to the Altstadt, certainly the center of the mayhem. Again, lots of people, lots of beer and lots of crazyness. Spontaneous bands break out in sound and everyone starts singing the Karneval songs (think Irish drinking songs).
By the time we made it into the Altstadt, we realized that it was pretty much impossible to get into any bar or café, with lines streaming out into the street. I suddenly realized that my fingers, although in gloves, were blue. So we parted ways and headed to Ebertplatz, where the comfortable Metropolis was still showing English movies and we could catch a showing of My Blueberry Nights. Before the movie started we did manage to get one kölsh in (and a Malzmühl no less), so all was not lost. We attempted again to get into a bar by in our neighborhood after the movie, but no such luck. And to think this was only the beginning...

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