Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healthy Pig

In the wake of the new outbreak, I must assure you all that Pig - and all his friends - are healthy indeed. Sadly, Pig did have to cancel his trip to Tijiauna, but the flu would be the least of his worries there. Instead, he's chosen to stay home and protect his new best friend, Myrna.
Note: the CDC does not recommend gnawing on the ears of pigs unless you know them well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meg Meets Myrna

A couple weeks back, I sent my friend Meg a casual email. Several hours later, I had a reply with the subject line "Meg coming to San Francisco next week!" As it happens, Meg was attending a conference in San Diego, and had already made arrangements to afterward spend a long weekend in San Francisco, visiting another friend who, as it happens, Kelly and I also know from Seattle.

And so, here she was last weekend. Meg, Jennifer, Kelly, Myrna and I kicked it in Berkeley on Friday, where we shopped for baby hats and had lunch at Chez Panisse (boo ya!). On the super-warm Monday, we finally made it over to S.F., where we met up with Meg at Blue Bottle, continuing onto SFMoMA, the 826 Valencia pirate store, and a plantain snack in the Mission District. At the art museum, Myrna loudly shared her aesthetic scorecard: Warhol up, Kentridge down.

Myrn was showered with gifts - a flowery dress (see above), and an elephant onesie from Meg and Brett, and a handmade dinosaur from Jennifer. Yay!

This weekend has so far paled in comparison, me all flunking a statistics exam. But next weekend it looks like Matty's coming up to see us....

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Redwoods & Redwine

This weekend we were treated to one of Grace's favorite tourist trips. We've joked about how we haven't been in San Fransisco since moving here - and actually we still haven't - but we've now seen some beautiful redwoods and wineries. Saturday Grace took us first to the Muir Woods to check out the California redwoods.

Grace also showed up at our place with a gift for Myrna (and her parents) - a BabyBjörn - which was awesome to try out in the forest. Now, we haven't quite mastered the BabyBjörn photo shoot poses; it's going to take some practice. Let me just say the print material that comes with the BabyBjörn is awesome (and did you know you can get one in satin for those special occasions - like the prom?) I can't wait for the America's Next Top Model photo shoot when they have the girls do a print ad for BabyBjörn - it would be awesome! (Christina, please let me know if they've already done this).

After the redwoods, we headed to vineyard land to visit the Gloria Ferrer Winery.
We had to taste the full spectrum (and perhaps this may tempt some potential visitors - did I mention it was 75 degrees out and sunny?)
More pictures are on Myrna's April Picasa Page.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Classic Pooh

Myrna is a drool machine and in an effort to keep her dry, we've been trying out some of her new bibs (silly me thought babies didn't wear bibs until they were eating solid food). They certainly get quite damp - but that may also be due to the fact that Myrna insists on eating them. We have a pack of three bibs in the theme of Winnie the Pooh. Now two of them have Pooh bear and his friends on them - but the third one is simply pink and white striped. Myrna was donning this bib (since it matched her outfit so well), but then Chris asked the million dollar question: "Why do I want something on my baby that just says 'Classic Pooh'?"

I'm waiting to find pj pants that have the words 'Classic Pooh' written on the rear end. More (non-Pooh) photos can be found on Myrna's new April picasa page.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Call for Submissions

Now that we've moved on to April, Myrna's March photo page is up-to-date. And it certainly is about time we changed the title of this blog, since we are no longer in Köln and it is no longer about Chris & Kelly. But, our creativity is a bit stifled, so any suggestions for a new title are more than welcome (and don't worry, the url will stay the same).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009