Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Footware Part II

Yesterday we bought Myrna some new bigger socks. She was really excited about trying them on this morning. I think I might have mentioned that when I was in middle school the cool think to do was to wear two socks on each foot. But it was she who insisted on wearing both pairs this morning...
Yesterday she also debuted the shiny black shoes out in public for a dinner party. They were all the rage.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recently Played: Joker

Once upon a time, Chris would write about music he was listening to. In fact, one of those "Recently Played" posts has proven quite popular, with lots of anonymous comments from Googlers anxious to get their paws on some disco edit mp3s. Today a new reviewer joins our staff to give you her take on the new track by Bristol "purple" artist Joker.

Part 1: The video camera in her face is far too distracting, and her only goal is to get hold of it...
Part 2: The midrange buzz line kicks in and she is feeling the groove. (Don't know where she actually got those moves - certainly nothing she sees in this apartment. Maybe one night she snuck out to a Skream show or something.)
Part 3: The dancing takes it toll, a slight balance check and she remembers the video camera, and that it is not in her hands. (I'm too lazy to launch the editing software and trim the footage of her looking bored at the end.)


Monday, March 22, 2010

Shiny Black Shoes: Updated

Myrna has always loved taking her shiny black shoes out of the drawer - but today it reached a new level of ridiculousness. She's worn them around the apartment a few times, but they slightly change her balance and she tries to remove them. This morning, though, she was eager to get them on (with her pajamas), and strutted around with the biggest proud grin. I'm sure she likes the "clomp" sound that they make, but I suspect it's really the extra centimeter of height that impresses her, as she made her way into a kitchen drawer with great ease.

Somehow, Chris got them off her by nap time. But later that evening (after the pizza covered pants had been removed), she topped the pajama and shoe combo - going straight for the onesie + shoes look - Söder here she comes...


Tuesday Update: Chris snapped some much cuter pics of Myrna in her shoes this morning and sent them my way:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Frisör in Stockholm

This last week was the week of hair cuts. Back in November, I got my hair cut at a random salon here in Stockholm - not awful, but certainly not the best. I was happy to wait it out for the next cut back in Seattle - a great haircut indeed, but that was expected. So, now it has been a few months and time again. I searched around and last Monday decided it was time to check out another place. It was a gamble again, but it turned into such a pleasant surprise, when I ended up with one of the best haircuts ever. So, for anyone doing a google search for - recommendations salon Stockholm - I'll add in a plug for Alex at Snagit. It was definitely a great way to spend International Woman's Day.

Kelly "After": Myrna "Before"

More desperate in the hair department needs was little Myrna. We had yet to take scissors to her little locks and she was looking a bit shaggy, with bangs in her eyes and the start of a baby mullet. Other parents weren't super excited about kid salons and we figured we could do the deed ourselves. But finding hair scissors seemed an impossible task (Stockholm is lacking in the Target or even drugstore type stores). We finally got a tip that a new pair of sharp nail scissors may do the job and that we could find. So Sunday after a bath, we took on the moppet top. We hit the top priority - the bangs - first and then armed Myrna with a cell phone to occupy her, while we started in on the back. She lasted for about five minutes (the battery on my phone was dying), but it was enough time to at least get her "after" pic better than her "before" pic, and that's all that really matters.

Myrna "After"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

California Raisin

The grocery store in our neighborhood gives boxes of raisins to kids. Myrna kind of likes them
Key to note here is that she just returned from a jaunt outside, and the sun tricks us into thinking that we've gotten above freezing, hence no snowsuit.
More photos of the day are in her March photo album.