Monday, March 15, 2010

Frisör in Stockholm

This last week was the week of hair cuts. Back in November, I got my hair cut at a random salon here in Stockholm - not awful, but certainly not the best. I was happy to wait it out for the next cut back in Seattle - a great haircut indeed, but that was expected. So, now it has been a few months and time again. I searched around and last Monday decided it was time to check out another place. It was a gamble again, but it turned into such a pleasant surprise, when I ended up with one of the best haircuts ever. So, for anyone doing a google search for - recommendations salon Stockholm - I'll add in a plug for Alex at Snagit. It was definitely a great way to spend International Woman's Day.

Kelly "After": Myrna "Before"

More desperate in the hair department needs was little Myrna. We had yet to take scissors to her little locks and she was looking a bit shaggy, with bangs in her eyes and the start of a baby mullet. Other parents weren't super excited about kid salons and we figured we could do the deed ourselves. But finding hair scissors seemed an impossible task (Stockholm is lacking in the Target or even drugstore type stores). We finally got a tip that a new pair of sharp nail scissors may do the job and that we could find. So Sunday after a bath, we took on the moppet top. We hit the top priority - the bangs - first and then armed Myrna with a cell phone to occupy her, while we started in on the back. She lasted for about five minutes (the battery on my phone was dying), but it was enough time to at least get her "after" pic better than her "before" pic, and that's all that really matters.

Myrna "After"


Aaron Burkhalter said...

Looks good! Though there was something slightly punk about Myrna's party-in-the-front-AND-back look she had going there for a bit.

But now with a trim do and those headphones, she's ready to rock the hipster toddler life!

Chris Burkhalter said...

When we could get her hair to follow some sort of organization, the pre-haircut mop still looked pretty good. The problem, though, was that it was a trial making that happen every morning, and then again after each nap.

Now it's at least easier to work with. We'll hafta do some further trimming at some point (it's longer on the top than on the sides, certainly), but whatevs. For now we're just glad we didn't totally butcher her hair.

Christina Merhar said...

I agree with Aaron - she was looking quite Swedish scenester with the hair cut before. But it looks cuter now!