Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We've had the first round of visitors (Chris's parents) here, and the second round (my parents) due to land in a few days. Suffices to say, we've been a bit busy and haven't blogged in a while (though we have kept the photo albums up to date). That said, I'm actually not going to attempt to report on all that fun and excitement, but instead fast forward to this last Saturday for the Bellmanstafetten 5 x 5 relay race (5 people each running 5 km (~ 3 miles)). Two of the graduate students here in the Math Department at KTH, Katharina and Kathrin, put together a KTH/SU Women's team. We look quite stunning in our matching blue uniforms
We were treated with beautiful weather (a pleasant surprise) and a fun picnic basket to enjoy after the race. Chris and Myrna were a grand cheer squad - and Myrna has declared the word "Mama" to mean any woman in running garb.
You can watch a video of each our finishes here; I'm runner 1. I guess all this training gave me a little extra spring in my step, as I finished in 23:21. I can guarantee that I won't be running that 7.5 minute mile for the Stockholm Half-Marathon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Two weeks ago we woke up early to get out of the door by 8:30 (that's a push for us) to get Myrna to the doctor. We had another immunization scheduled, but little Myrna thwarted that plan by waking up with a fever. We were pretty sure she got that fever on purpose, just to avoid a needle. She spent that weekend sleeping a bit more, eating a bit less and very warm - but other than that she still was full of energy. Little did she know that she couldn't put off the inevitable, so yesterday we took a second stab at it. She was so excited about our morning adventure (she must have seen us setting alarms) that she woke up at 4:45 and was rearing to go. At the doctor's office, she immediately started in on the toys and slide. All was well until she saw the needle come into the room and she knew something was up. Thankfully it was all done in just one go, and we celebrated by going to the park and playing in the wading pool.

Here she is showing off her band-aid (something she likes to remind us that she has).
More photos are in her new August Picasa Album.