Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Tour of Winter Sports

Yesterday we spent the day with our good friends Sam and Elliot, who made sure that we got a handful of winter sports checked off our "To Do in Stockholm" list. They recently moved to Bromma, just south-west of the city center, and the water way connecting them to Stockholm is one thick sheet of ice (see above photo). Myrna started with a sled ride to get to the skating track
As Elliot took a little snooze, Myrna got to try a few rounds of skiing.
She really enjoyed it - especially the sticks - and loved saying "Myrna skiing!!!"
Behind her, you can see the skating track. It is just a small part of the track that starts in Uppsala and ends in Stockholm, for a big race in a few weeks. (The race is 80 km long, about 50 miles). As it was a beautiful sunny weekend, there were lots of people out. It just happened that Chris and I have the same shoe size as Sam and his wife, so we got to try on some skates for a bit, and pretend to ice skate, while little kids skated circles around us. There, however, was no photographic evidence of such.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Trains, Cars and Trams

Myrna is fascinated with transportation of any kind: cars, trains, trams, boats, airplanes...

She loves going to the Transport Museum to ride the train
and certainly to play with the trains....
(note the hoarding of the trains). And I admit, I'm guilty of taking her to Polarn o. Pyret just so she could play with the trains there (while I glanced at the kid's clothes Sales Rack).

But what she really has been into is making "cars," "busses," and "trains" at home. For example, here is a car
You can tell it is a car because all the chairs are facing in the same direction. Turn a few 90 degrees and leave room for a stroller, and you've created a "bus." The bus is the most popular right now - Pig drives it while wearing a hat, next to him is a stool, where you place your bus pass (and make the appropriate beeping sound). There are buttons to ring when you want to get off - and if you ask Myrna which stop she gets off at, it is always "next stop." There certainly is room for Baby in her stroller (Baby also can ride the bus herself, as Myrna often leaves her alone - she certainly isn't mimicking any of our actions with that one). Many backpacks, purses and diaper bags come into play. And just to make it more ridiculous, Myrna likes to wear her hat, and keep it on (something she certainly doesn't do on a real bus)
The newest addition is "bus jacket," and if she is really lucky, she'll convince us to put baby in her slightly small snow suit from last winter.

Monday, January 10, 2011

So Many Photos

We had to upgrade our picasa storage space to start the New Year.... beware. Lots more pics from Belgium are in the new January album.

MB in BE: 2011 Edition

We took a post-Christmas holiday to Belgium. With the temperature around 50 degrees and the snow long since melted, it was a welcome break from the cold and snow of Stockholm. We spent two nights in the most wonderful Bed and Breakfast in Leuven, called Lodging at 8, and two nights in Brussels.

We were a little worried about finding stuff for Myrna to do, but she loved Leuven. There is a beautiful city library, complete with a large kids room full of toys, coloring and storytelling (free changing tables too - a big plus). We spent much time there.
But much more exciting was the Winter Festival boat rides.
Basically a carousel of boats, Myrna loved it! She asked for the boats regularly, and we had to concoct complicated detours to avoid glimpses of them if we didn't want to stop for another ride. In fact, if we got a little discombobulated about where we were, we could ask Myrna to take us to the boats. Curiously, she always pointed us in the right direction. Each ride was a Euro, and we wondered who was enjoying their Euro treats more? Myrna with her boats or Mom and Dad sipping on tasty Belgian beer while she napped.

She was taken with the beautiful breakfast too. Even though she didn't always eat much of it, she seemed to consider the visual presentation and wide variety of food on offer a real treat. (We don't usually light candles at our own breakfast table.) The egg cups were a particular favorite, though the chocolate penguin lollipop certainly wasn't a flop either.
There was also a cat about, and Myrna was very impressed with it. She saw it leap through its cat-door, and talked about it all day.

After two days in Leuven, we headed to Brussels. Myrna was already talking about the "airport" by then (a bit homesick), but we aimed to entertain her. It didn't hurt that everywhere we went, she was given treats - cookies at a cafe by the waiter, chocolate at Neuhaus (her parents certainly weren't given any tastes), even chocolates by the guy in front of us in a grocery checkout line.
She also got to tromp around the cobble-stone town center which, after a little drizzle, was rich with muddy puddles. I guess we wore her out, because that evening she soundly slept through a pick-up jam session at the Bier Circus.

Saturday, Chris started Myrna's dinosaur lessons at the Belgian Royal Institute for the Natural Sciences, home to a staggering number of nearly-complete iguanodons skeletons. Here's Myrna regarding a nest of fossilized dino eggs.
A few cones of pommes frites later, we were packing our bags and, early Sunday morning, enjoyed an uneventful trip back home, where Myrna was exceedingly glad to be reunited with Baby.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Unsettling Exchange

Myrna, clenching her teeth and clutching frantically onto Kelly's neck: "Head off off off!"

Kelly: "You want to take my head off?"

Myrna: "Yes."

Kelly: "How are you going to take my head off?"

Myrna: "Scissors."

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Myrna Ballerina

This morning Myrna wanted to wear a tutu. Seeing as we didn't have anything planned on this fine freshly snow-covered New Year's Day, I said "why not." Myrna got a tutu last Christmas, and I think has worn it twice. We squeezed the 6-9 month-sized tutu on her (she's tiny, but not that tiny), and she was ready to perform, all day long.

Sure, the long sleeves are now 3/4 length, and there was no way the snaps to the onesie bodice were getting snapped, but she didn't mind. She was too busy learning "Me and My Teddy Bear," my debut dance recital piece.

She wore the tutu the entire day, pairing it with leg warmers later in the afternoon (a fine choice), and she was always telling us about her "cute tutu."

Myrna's First Snow Angel

We finally convinced Myrna that making Snow Angels was fun, and she agreed. But what was even more fun was animating her by clicking the cursor button between two photos.