Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Tour of Winter Sports

Yesterday we spent the day with our good friends Sam and Elliot, who made sure that we got a handful of winter sports checked off our "To Do in Stockholm" list. They recently moved to Bromma, just south-west of the city center, and the water way connecting them to Stockholm is one thick sheet of ice (see above photo). Myrna started with a sled ride to get to the skating track
As Elliot took a little snooze, Myrna got to try a few rounds of skiing.
She really enjoyed it - especially the sticks - and loved saying "Myrna skiing!!!"
Behind her, you can see the skating track. It is just a small part of the track that starts in Uppsala and ends in Stockholm, for a big race in a few weeks. (The race is 80 km long, about 50 miles). As it was a beautiful sunny weekend, there were lots of people out. It just happened that Chris and I have the same shoe size as Sam and his wife, so we got to try on some skates for a bit, and pretend to ice skate, while little kids skated circles around us. There, however, was no photographic evidence of such.


Christina Merhar said...

That is amazing that the waterway is frozen over like that! I love that Myrna was saying "myrna skiing" too.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

It's been 24 days! Where's the updates? Where's the news?