Monday, March 22, 2010

Shiny Black Shoes: Updated

Myrna has always loved taking her shiny black shoes out of the drawer - but today it reached a new level of ridiculousness. She's worn them around the apartment a few times, but they slightly change her balance and she tries to remove them. This morning, though, she was eager to get them on (with her pajamas), and strutted around with the biggest proud grin. I'm sure she likes the "clomp" sound that they make, but I suspect it's really the extra centimeter of height that impresses her, as she made her way into a kitchen drawer with great ease.

Somehow, Chris got them off her by nap time. But later that evening (after the pizza covered pants had been removed), she topped the pajama and shoe combo - going straight for the onesie + shoes look - Söder here she comes...


Tuesday Update: Chris snapped some much cuter pics of Myrna in her shoes this morning and sent them my way:

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Anonymous said...

Hej Kelly! I send an email to your uni-freiburg address, are you still using it? Anyway, it's an invitation to a party, so check it out!

All the best,

Christian Lundkvist