Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recently Played: Joker

Once upon a time, Chris would write about music he was listening to. In fact, one of those "Recently Played" posts has proven quite popular, with lots of anonymous comments from Googlers anxious to get their paws on some disco edit mp3s. Today a new reviewer joins our staff to give you her take on the new track by Bristol "purple" artist Joker.

Part 1: The video camera in her face is far too distracting, and her only goal is to get hold of it...
Part 2: The midrange buzz line kicks in and she is feeling the groove. (Don't know where she actually got those moves - certainly nothing she sees in this apartment. Maybe one night she snuck out to a Skream show or something.)
Part 3: The dancing takes it toll, a slight balance check and she remembers the video camera, and that it is not in her hands. (I'm too lazy to launch the editing software and trim the footage of her looking bored at the end.)



Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Where'd she learn those moves????

Jody L. said...

Meg told me about this clip--well worth seeing. :-) What a stitch!