Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Recently Played: Sister Sledge

I'd intended to post this song way back in October, and had written a truly incredible analysis of its strengths, the posting of which very probably would have altogether redirected the course of the current disco reevaluation. But then I lost it, and honestly I haven't the patience to reattempt it. You'll just have to take my word for it – it was breathtaking in its profundity, relevance, scope, and uninhibited brilliance.

To briefly cover the basics, the original version of this track is from Sister Sledge's massively successful 1979 album, We Are Family, which was overseen by the production team of Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, the masterminds behind Chic, a disco hit machine if there ever was one. This particular remix, by the same pair, has the good sense to seize on the most heart-quickening moments of the original, and stretch and repeat them gloriously. The philosophy here is that if you liked a little of it, you're bound to love a lot of it. Boy are they right.

Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (1984 Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers Remix)

Mind those lyrics. The warning is well taken when the song is as mesmerizing as this one.

As a shout-out to Köln, here are three discretely released Chic remixes from Justus Köhncke. The mp3s are ripped from vinyl, so the quality isn't sterling, but you won't these find in stores.

Science 2101 – I'm So Lucky
Science 2102 – Now Phreeq!
Science 2102 - Everybody

If anyone knows where I can find the Science 2103 record, holla atchya boy.


joschi said...

Can you please repost "Now Phreeq" ?

Chris Burkhalter said...

Why not? Enjoy:

joschi said...

Here is a link to 2102 - the clock keeps turnin

thanks for the repost

Milllsie said...

all links are sadly now dead, any chance of a re-post of all 3 please?

Anonymous said...

yeah can you please repost "now phreeq"!! :) thanks

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can you repost now phreeq pleaseee :D

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Any chance of a now phreeq repost

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