Sunday, January 13, 2008


Friday began with Kelly booking us a trip to Amsterdam for next weekend. Then she attended a last batch of seminars at the conference in Bonn, which were also attended by the Max Planck Institut's favorite inquisitive math hobbyist. In the evening we stepped out for a rendezvous with some other English speakers, who Kelly'd found on the expat forum Toytown. Despite the fact that we didn't previously know anybody we were out with, it was quite a good time. Viele Leute aus Großbritannien, and one other American. And we didn't spend the whole evening talking about the presidential primaries. Then, on the way home, my foot had a nasty run-in with a particularly aggressive, root-rippled patch of pavement. The whole thing transpired with stunning speed (pun intended). Kelly was midway into a detailed description of the chessmen cookies she'd eaten earlier in Bonn. Suddenly my left brow slammed into the ground. Once we'd established that, no, that was mud, not blood, Kelly finished her cookie description. A few minutes later we were back home thrilling to the first episode of the new season of The Wire. It was so good that we watched it again today. And I'm limping a little, but no big thing. Nothing to rival the knot Kelly's Dad took home as a Köln souvenir.


Edie said...

You should have asked me -- I could have told you -- tripping over sidewalk blips and falling on your face just isn't as much fun as you think it'll be. And -- as a forewarning -- it doesn't get better with practice.

Stay upright -- you'll get used to it -- and maybe even start to like it.

Mark said...

Knot funny!

Chris Burkhalter said...

Hey, hey, hey. We have a strict "Know puns" policy here.