Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wrong Telephone Number

Saturday morning I woke up to find I had missed four phone calls. This was quite odd, since Chris is the only person who calls me. I listened to the cryptic voice mails, but couldn't figure out at all who was calling or why. We left later that morning for our Saturday afternoon ritual of delicious coffee at Kaffeebaum, and I managed to leave my phone on the charger. We come home to six missed calls, and the phone is ringing. The kind woman on the other end finally explained to me what was happening. Apparently the Saturday newspaper here has an advertisement for a new apartment and the person who placed the ad included the wrong phone number. More than thirty people have called me in the past two days looking for a new apartment. Vielleicht ein bischen komisch. Chances are if you try to call me now, all you will hear is me rattling "Die Nummer in der Zeitung ist falsch. Ich habe keine Wohnung."


Mom said...

I'm glad to hear the Kaffeebaum has become a Saturday ritual. Wish we could join you each week for the taste and aroma treat. Give our regards to the owner.

kiwis said...

When we lived in Madison, the state dept in charge of hunting licenses accidentally printed our phone number on tens of thousands of leaflets so I can understand your plight. We ended up with a new number so the state dept could take over the published number.

Keep up the great blog.
Lynn & Rick