Saturday, April 25, 2009

Meg Meets Myrna

A couple weeks back, I sent my friend Meg a casual email. Several hours later, I had a reply with the subject line "Meg coming to San Francisco next week!" As it happens, Meg was attending a conference in San Diego, and had already made arrangements to afterward spend a long weekend in San Francisco, visiting another friend who, as it happens, Kelly and I also know from Seattle.

And so, here she was last weekend. Meg, Jennifer, Kelly, Myrna and I kicked it in Berkeley on Friday, where we shopped for baby hats and had lunch at Chez Panisse (boo ya!). On the super-warm Monday, we finally made it over to S.F., where we met up with Meg at Blue Bottle, continuing onto SFMoMA, the 826 Valencia pirate store, and a plantain snack in the Mission District. At the art museum, Myrna loudly shared her aesthetic scorecard: Warhol up, Kentridge down.

Myrn was showered with gifts - a flowery dress (see above), and an elephant onesie from Meg and Brett, and a handmade dinosaur from Jennifer. Yay!

This weekend has so far paled in comparison, me all flunking a statistics exam. But next weekend it looks like Matty's coming up to see us....

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Jody L. said...

Oh, I'm so happy Meg and Jenn got to visit with you and see and hold Myrna. Needless to say, I heard nothing but raves from Meg afterward! Thanks for posting a picture of my daughter with your daughter. :-)