Thursday, April 2, 2009

Call for Submissions

Now that we've moved on to April, Myrna's March photo page is up-to-date. And it certainly is about time we changed the title of this blog, since we are no longer in Köln and it is no longer about Chris & Kelly. But, our creativity is a bit stifled, so any suggestions for a new title are more than welcome (and don't worry, the url will stay the same).


Christina Merhar said...

Adventures in Jabbhalter.
or Life with the Burkbush.
Or Chris. Kelly. Myrna. Life.


Annamarie said...

I like Burkbish, Jabbhalter sounds like a Star Wars character. Although Chris might like that.

Annamarie said...

I meant Burkbush.

Anonymous said...

How about Myrna anytime, All the Time.

Is there really anything else?

Kyle said...

I like Jabbhalter too, it sounds like something from Dune. It could be populated by Loylanders.

Mark Jabbusch said...

"A name by any other name..."
You must keep the C..C..K..K rhythm going; so
California. Chris. Kelly. U Kal.

And if you are lucky enough to move to:
Kansas. Kelly. Chris. City

(Myrna as cute as she is, can remain a most important attraction in the city run by dictatorial but benevolent parents)