Sunday, April 19, 2009

Redwoods & Redwine

This weekend we were treated to one of Grace's favorite tourist trips. We've joked about how we haven't been in San Fransisco since moving here - and actually we still haven't - but we've now seen some beautiful redwoods and wineries. Saturday Grace took us first to the Muir Woods to check out the California redwoods.

Grace also showed up at our place with a gift for Myrna (and her parents) - a BabyBjörn - which was awesome to try out in the forest. Now, we haven't quite mastered the BabyBjörn photo shoot poses; it's going to take some practice. Let me just say the print material that comes with the BabyBjörn is awesome (and did you know you can get one in satin for those special occasions - like the prom?) I can't wait for the America's Next Top Model photo shoot when they have the girls do a print ad for BabyBjörn - it would be awesome! (Christina, please let me know if they've already done this).

After the redwoods, we headed to vineyard land to visit the Gloria Ferrer Winery.
We had to taste the full spectrum (and perhaps this may tempt some potential visitors - did I mention it was 75 degrees out and sunny?)
More pictures are on Myrna's April Picasa Page.


Christina Merhar said...

ANTM has not done BabyBjorn photoshoot as of yet. Tyra, if you're following this blog-- hook it up girl!

Christina Merhar said...

P.S.: I like the new blog look and name!

Annamarie said...

I love your new blog name and the looks too. Hope you're loving "sunny" California.