Sunday, April 5, 2009

Classic Pooh

Myrna is a drool machine and in an effort to keep her dry, we've been trying out some of her new bibs (silly me thought babies didn't wear bibs until they were eating solid food). They certainly get quite damp - but that may also be due to the fact that Myrna insists on eating them. We have a pack of three bibs in the theme of Winnie the Pooh. Now two of them have Pooh bear and his friends on them - but the third one is simply pink and white striped. Myrna was donning this bib (since it matched her outfit so well), but then Chris asked the million dollar question: "Why do I want something on my baby that just says 'Classic Pooh'?"

I'm waiting to find pj pants that have the words 'Classic Pooh' written on the rear end. More (non-Pooh) photos can be found on Myrna's new April picasa page.


Annamarie said...

Now that you have a daughter you should know that it's a slippery slope from "Classic Pooh" on the butt to "Juicy" or just as bad "Pink". And that's why we're all going to hell.

Jody L. said...

She's cuter every day! Just remember: it may be pooh today, but it gets worse as they get older. (Remember those teen years?)