Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Der Zahnartz

Lately we've been lazy with the blog, only writing about fun trips like London and Paris.  And since the next post inevitably will be about our trip to Berlin (this upcoming weekend), I will amuse our anxiously awaiting readers with the tale of my recent trip to the dentist.  For the last six months I've had "find a Zahnartz" on my list of things to do.  But I tend to put off finding health providers until, well, I end up pregnant.  And it's not like I have any fear of the dentist - I secretly love the going to the dentist.  Of course this dental hygiene epiphany didn't happen until I went to the dentist in 2004 for the first time in at least six years, and got to be a "special patient" who underwent deep cleaning tartar removal followed by appointments every 4 months instead of 6, but I learned my lesson then and fully embraced flossing and Sonicare-ing (so much so that I have a special European charger for my beloved Sonicare and import dental floss from the US).  So, when a recommendation of a great English-speaking Zahnartz within walking distance of our apartment who would make appointments via his website fell into my lap, there was no putting it off.    This evening at the most convenient time of 6:30 pm I met my new dentist.  He had this very cool dental-instrument sized camera that he used to take pictures of my teeth and then project them on the screen above me.  Basically a hi-tech mirror, just like the little camera on my macbook pro that I use as a mirror in my office.  I also got a salt-air power wash of my teeth, allegedly removing all the stains and plaque.  Best of all, I was forced to walk by the best ice cream stand in Köln on my way home, and although the mocha ice cream wasn't the greatest accompaniment to the bubble-gum flavored polishing cream, it certainly was a treat.  


Mark Jabbusch said...

Sweet story! and glad you take good care of your 'sweet tooth' also.

Becky Turner said...

Congratulations on your news!!! I kept wanting to e-mail you but didn't have your address because all e-mails were sent to Bob's address and then he would forward them to me. But his forward would not have your address on it. I am VERY bad about answering personal e-mails because I do it all day at work. When I get home, I don't want to go near my computer.
You look very cute pregnant and I love these stories. Now that I am learning about Blogs, I will be spending more time on my personal computer. Thank you.
A hurricane is headed our way so we have lots to do to prepare. Take care. Becky and Bob