Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We started packing for our trip back to the states this weekend. First round of packing meant filling two suitcases with stuff that will stay in Seattle - books we've already read, and clothes that don't fit me anymore (lots of those). But it also meant starting the frantic search for our US-friendly power cords. As you may recall, during our first month here, I had a MacBookPro power emergency and was forced to by a new (overly-priced) power adapter, which of course was German-electricity-friendly. We used the US versions on our last trip back to the states in July 2007, but where exactly they went after that was beyond us. I was sure they were tucked away in a suitcase, but we couldn't find them. As the days have gone by, we've been trying to figure out where they may have gone too. Of course, we could have left them in Seattle, but then how did we charge up our computers in Newark on our lay over in July??? We don't have that much stuff here, and the thought that we lost them (and only them) during a move was a sad thought. I was almost thinking this evening I was going to have to go buy some Euro-to-US power adapters. But then I got an email from Chris titled "FOR RANSOM":
Turns out they were in the big suitcase all along.


Christina Merhar said...

Hah! funny...
Have a safe trip.
See you SOON!!!

Aaron Burkhalter said...

Yay you're on your way by now!

Also, Chris is a big softy. Just steal one of his stuffed animals (especially his seal) and I guarantee you'll have those cords back before you're done crafting a note out of magazine letters.