Saturday, May 16, 2009

Matt Meets Myrna

Busy times here, with another move just days away. We've left this blog sorely neglected, but now that we have so much to do over the next couple of days, posting here should be just the opportunity for procrastination we need.

Two weekends back, we had a visit from my cousin Matt. He lives down in San Diego and managed to find a space in his busy schedule of design work and rock-show attendance to fly up here and watch us sit around the apartment. Catching me in one of my more absent-minded spells, he endured trips to cafes that we actually knew (but had forgotten) would be closed, and shook his head as I forgot to pack a bottle for Myrna twice in one day. Oh, also it rained the whole weekend.

Even and still, we had a great time hanging out, reacquainting ourselves with our old friend Tecate, laughing at the hipsters on Telegraph, and listening to music. It was a long-overdue catch-up, given that I don't think we'd seen Matt since summer '07, and Myrna had been waiting to meet this Uncle Cousin Matt she'd been hearing about.

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