Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back in Köln

We spent a lovely long weekend back in Köln (the first since we left at the end of February). We left beautiful sunny Freiburg, for a rainy Köln Wednesday, but that was ok because we were ready to visit our much missed coffee shop, Kaffeebaum.
We were so sad, when we learned that it was closed for a long summer holiday. Fortunately, they opened back up on Saturday (our last day there) so we were able to properly enjoy four cups of coffee and load up on beans (one kilo at that). But the rest of our favorite places were open - including the kid's consignment shop Lollipop, where we quickly spent the money we had waiting for us from selling clothes in February on new winter clothes for Myrna. We're super excited for her to sport this coat in Stockholm, at which time she hopefully will have grown into it.
We stayed in quite a lovely apartment, that among other things, had sparkling clean floors, and Myrna spent most of her time at the apartment crawling and sliding around.
We also saw friends and Chris caught a few shows at C/O Pop - a large musical festival in the city that he was writing about. He learned that he really isn't a club kid that can stay up all night, returning home at 5:30 am.
And just because we love train excitement - we got some first hand knowledge about medical emergencies on DB trains, after the car seat fell off the luggage rack and hit me and Myrna on the head. Thankfully there was no detour to a hospital in Mannheim.


annluvsshoes said...

LOVE the coat! I wish Alexa would still wear something like that.

Barbara Jabbusch said...

I love the picture of the two of you under the blue umbrella.

The coat is so CUTE. What size is it? Mom

Grace said...

I must concur that the coat and hat are the cutest thing ever (besides Myrna herself, of course).

Chris Burkhalter said...

The jacket is a EUR 68/US 4-6MO, but it's actually kinda baggy on her at the moment, so probably about right for the winter. The hat, on the other hand, is a bit snug already...