Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Myrna 9.0.0 - Now with Vertical Orientation

Blogging - or just checking email - has become significantly more difficult this week. Unless you plan to stand on the dining room table holding your laptop in the air, Myrna's maniacal smile will soon appear beside your screen, followed by much mashing on the keys. Barring that, she'll just fall over and conk her head on something hard, forcing you to stop what you're doing and comfort her, which more or less accomplishes her mission anyway. Books, iPods, sandwiches, and cameras are all similarly attractive. In the video below, however, she's mercifully chosen a low-hanging, kid-safe toy as her goal.

The message we're getting from her right now is that the whole apartment, and everything in it, is hers to manhandle, chew on, or hit as she pleases. This includes her mother, whose hair is pulled, nose twisted, and face generally batted all too regularly. I'm wishfully attempting to instill in her some sense of the word "gentle." I also explain to her several times each day, and entirely in vain, that just because she sees something doesn't entitle her to have it, and shouldn't always inspire her to climb up items of furniture beyond her means. There's been a lot of crying, and a lot of growling - and it hasn't been easy for Myrna either.

It is, however, definitely fun to see how self-sufficient her mobility has become, and also interesting to watch her figure out her newly expanded environment. I'm hoping, though, that we'll soon get to see her learn that open drawers make unbelievably poor supports. This video of her doing some speedy "cruising" (no relation to the Al Pacino film) is, however, injury-free.

For whatever reason, there was less monkey business today, and it made for quite a lovely day. The summer suddenly seems to be over for Freiburg, and Myrn and I wore sweaters and shoes indoors the whole day. Myrna loves her sneakers (a gift from Brian and Iman that she's finally grown into, and which you can almost see in the photo), because they make her stomps louder, which she informs me is hilarious. She spent a good thirty minutes chasing an empty juice bottle out of the kitchen and around the apartment, which I now see came to an end under the couch. Mostly, though, she just ate. In addition to plenty of milk, she ate bananas and baby cereal, corn flakes, pureed fruit, cottage cheese, nectarine, toast, corn flakes again, more banana, pasta and parsnips, and finally some more corn flakes. Her solid food intake has probably tripled this month. Admittedly, a good deal of it ends up on the floor. She compensates, though, by following the food into her mouth with her whole hand to, y'know, make sure it makes it home safe. Anyway, you'll see a bit of this in the kinda messy video below.

In spite of all her moving about, we have managed to snap a few great pictures. Her September Picasa Album is now up and running. Kelly's a big fan of this picture - just because it looks exactly like every photo taken of her in a dance costume from age 4 to 14.


Barbara Jabbusch said...

Love it, love it, love it! She is doing so much even since we left last week.


West Seattle Mapes said...

What a ball of cuteness!! You know, Douglas and I were looking at a picture of Davis the other day, and she looked so much like Myrna! I'll have to figure out which one it was!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris -- do you remember what you used to do to a typewriter? It was quite a challenge to untanle all those keys when you were done. And you learned how to operate a keypunch before you could sit up alone.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

There's a moment in that third video where I could really see some Burkhalter in her face. Reminded me of pictures of Daniel when he was younger, but I suspect I'm seeing features inherent in all of us.