Sunday, October 18, 2009

Settling In?

It hasn't been easy acclimating ourselves to our new city. Mostly because just after we moved into our apartment, there was a dispute with our landlord and her landlord. Long story short, we had to move. We're now in Reimersholme, a tiny island just off of Södermalm. I suppose we never really will get totally settled, as each day we have to move books, computers, movies, etc. up a few inches as Myrna figures out how to reach them.

We're slowly starting to explore the city. Yesterday we picked up three travel guides of Stockholm at the beautiful library (thanks to Myrna - the only one of us able to get a library card). We hope to soon check out some of the parts of the city that we see in the majestic view from our 7th story apartment. We do, though, have the coffee offerings closer to home fairly well staked out, and already have many a favorite.

And now that it's the 18th of the month, let's do an October Picasa page of our little cutie.

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J Paul M said...

Hey Guys,
Barbara had told me about your housing woes. I kept my fingers crossed that you wouldn't have to move. That's no fun. I hope that you are finally able to stay put for the time you are in Sweden. I work with a woman who regularly travel to Sweden and I have always enjoyed the warm colors of the neighborhoods that she has shared with me; the yellows, rusts, and oranges. She too enjoys a good cup of coffee and looks for good spots. Have you had any of those yummy looking lunches of open faced sandwiches? I'm sure the weather is turning and the days are getting shorter. I lived in Anchorage, Alaska, for three years and remember how things really start shutting down (weather and daylight wise) this time of year. Thinking of you. I enjoy the pictures that you post.
ta ta for now,