Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring has Sprung

At last the spring has started (or so we hope). We were in for quite a treat today as the sun came out and the Swedes flocked to the parks and water to soak up every last ray of sun. We took a walk to Vurma for an afternoon fika, which Myrna just loved (well maybe not the coffee, but the walk and the running around).

On the way home we saw some ducks - which right now are on the top of Myrna's Favorite Animal list. Here she is showing her dad the ducks:
and the squat helps her get an even better view

She even tried to get close, but had no luck

We just were really on a roll with photos today. Lots more - including her happy in her crib and showing off her new chair climbing skills - are on her May picasa page.

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