Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The day after the race, Myrna, my parents and I gave Chris six hours of undisturbed quiet and headed over to Skansen, the first open air museum and zoo. The idea is to give you a glimpse of pre-industrial Swedish life, and there are houses you can go in to see potters and glass blowers at work. But the real treat for us was watching Myrna trek through the park.

This was a "bike" to her

She wasn't quite sure what to make of the horse, but when one of the riders told her she could pet the horse, she answered with a very stern "no!"

She had a similar timid reaction to the petting zoo goats, but I maintain that she was scared more of the kids all trying to pet the goats, than the goats themselves. As soon as she found an unoccupied window into the goat hut, she was fascinated with them. And, in fact, yesterday's word of the day was "goat." Seals being fed fish was also pretty impressive.

She, really though, liked the statues of the animals that you could climb on better than the animals themselves, as seen with the pig and the bear.

We did get to hear and see some of the traditional Swedish singing and dancing. I've never seen Myrna so seriously watching anything.

More photos of September are finally up on her Picasa album, and we'll try to write more about the last week too.

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Lynn said...

So is "Skansen" pronounced like the last two syllables of Wisconsin, like "Wi-skansen"? We enjoyed the photos with the grandparents and had a nice call yesterday with Mark filling us in on what a great time they had!