Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Postal at the Postal Mueseum

Last weekend we checked out the Post Museum. The key attraction is that on weekends they open up the kids area (normally only open for school groups during the week). Myrna first worked on a postcard. She's really into painting right now, so she had a blast.

Then it was on to the mail room. If we knew she was so good at filling out customs forms, we would have been sending gifts to the US ages ago.

The kids room closed an hour before the rest of the museum, and seeing as Chris and I hadn't seen any of the exhibitions, we were ready to explore. As we get done with the last one, Myrna eyes the back entrance to the museum cafe, and immediately has it in her mind that we are going to go get a juice. Chris and I had already had a great coffee date while Myrna napped before the musuem, but I was feeling a little indulgent, and let Myrna pull us in to get a "juice." Imagine our surprise, when we find out that the museum cafe has one of the best Belgian beer selections in town, thanks to an owner who just really likes beer. So, we had a completely unexpected Tripel Karmeliet (on tap) and Myrna excitedly gulped down her pear juice.

Guess we really now do need to think twice before telling Myrna that it's not treat time.


Mark Jabbusch said...

I guess we know where Myrna and Chris will be hanging out while Kelly is gone this weekend checking out the Philadelphia beers. We will be posting our prayers for a successful trip!

Christina Merhar said...

Looking forward to more reviews of Myrna's artwork ;P