Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Jacket

Today was our second or maybe third sunny day of the year. You can see spring on the lawns and smell it in the air, but feeling it on your goose-bumped skin is still largely a matter of faith. It's an alluring fantasy, though, and as we were heading out to the backyard sandbox this afternoon, I grabbed the polka-dotted blue jacket (a gift from Aunt Lisa) that Myrna wore in fairer weather last year, to at least see if it still fit. It did, and she was so thrilled that there was no chance of taking it off her.

"Remember this one! With Grandma Grandpa. Myrna little baby. With Dad's grandparents too."

Something along those lines, anyway. Myrna loves to look at photos from last summer/fall's visits from both her sets of grandparents, and this jacket features heavily in those photo sets.

Her excitement hardly abated once we were outside in the sandbox, and she informed anyone who'd listen that "Myrna wearing spring jacket!"

Was it actually spring jacket weather? Maybe so earlier in the day, but I was freezing. Myrna, however, reported that her hands were not cold, that she didn't need to go in, and would stay outside for "a little bit longer."


Christina Merhar said...

It's so cool to hear about what is going on in Myrna's head. I can't wait for Isaac to start talking (careful what i wish for?). And, I'm looking forward to the day when clothes fit him for more than a couple of months too!

Barbara Jabbusch said...

Oh what a big day you had!! Lovely! Wish I could have enjoyed it all and the Drop coffee too.