Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa

My mom and her 3 siblings (plus their families) descended upon their childhood home to help celebrate their father's 90th Birthday. We were no exception and as I write this we are still sitting in the beautiful sun on the patio in Green Bay. We had a "great big party," as Myrna would say, to mark the day.

We had lots of fun visiting with family that we don't see often, and Myrna not only had Isaac and Nae to keep her busy, but also her second-cousins Kristen, Grace and Nick. Stay tuned for more on our Green Bay adventures (or just check out the July picasa album, as the photos are always more up-to-date than our blog).

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Mark Jabbusch said...

You CAN go home again Thomas (Wolfe)!