Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indiana Dunes

We waited until a misty and cool Sunday to get ourselves to the giant Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan. So, it wasn't a perfect weather day, but we had lots of fun. Myrna was a bit nervous at first

But in no time, she was frolicking in the water and stripped of her clothes (at which point our public sharing of photos stops). I guess it wasn't that cold, but we certainly were not looking forward to having to jump in the water to grab her.

And as an excuse for why we are so behind on the updates; after sitting through endless Myrna accounts, we're just tired:


Barbara Jabbusch said...

I'm very interested in knowing more about Myrna's brother.

Very cute. What a treasure of her language and imagination at this moment in her development.

Mark Jabbusch said...

Sitting at the table with empty plate, but a huge serving of wild imagination and verbage casserole and lego finger food. I'm hungry for more.

Meg said...

I love it! Chris is such a cool cucumber in the background.