Friday, July 27, 2007

Christina & Eric's Wedding

As you probably know, we were in Seattle last week where, among other things, we went to Kelly's sister's wedding in Edmonds.

Kell took some nice action shots towards the end of the wedding reception, which I thought I'd post here for your enjoyment. I love the blur effect to these photos, even though it fails to fully capture the gorgeous bride that Christina was and is.

Kelly's pictures do, however, give a good impression of just how comfortably at ease Eric (the groom) manages to be in formal attire. I always feel like a pimply fourteen-year-old in dad's suit on the rare occasions when I dress up, so I envy Eric in this regard.

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Mark said...

Some of the wedding was indeed a blur.... but some moments stand still, like the pause between working with Chris to put up the outdoor setting and chairs, and then sitting soaking in the view before guests arrive. I sit there frozen in time, and again jumping ahead an hour to watching that moment when Christina and Eric are standing before us, held together by the 'knot that binds'.
Then I fast forward our way through blurred faces and well wishers, and food lines to Kelly and Lisa's toast... where again time stands still in word and song.