Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I'm in the southwest of Germany at Oberwolfach, what one might call a "math resort." It is in the middle of the Black Forest, and is a conference center for mathematics. It has an extensive library, lecture rooms, lodging, dining hall, etc. I'm here with a group of about 50 mathematicians all interested in Komplexe Algebraische Geometrie (complex algebraic geometry, if that English translation makes any more sense) - the title of this conference. There have been many talks, but also lots of time to talk to others. Most of the participants are from Germany, or other European countries. Aren't we a dashing group?
Today we had the afternoon free, so we had the traditional hike. I opted for the longer (5 hour) hike, but wasn't quite sure that was the best idea, since I had been on a very hilly run that morning with two guys also at the conference (lets just say I would have never done that run if I wasn't trying to keep up with them). The view at the top was great, and like any good German park, there was a cafe with cake and beverages at the top. I brought my camera, but failed to bring the device to upload the photos, so other pictures may just have to wait.


Mark said...

That looks like a very nice retreat (I looked up more on the net)... and do you have to show your 'math card' to get in? The picture looks like you are all fairly young. Did you know many of these people already?

Annamarie said...

Math resort??? Ummm okay? Is it like this?

Kelly Jabbusch said...

Wow, Ann, that is just awesome. I think one of the talks might have been that entertaining.