Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm a little UK math tour presently. I spent a few days in Liverpool, giving a talk and visiting with mathematicians there. As usual, the only pictures I took were of the city and not the math. I was not up on my Beatles history at all, and it wasn't until I got off the plane and entered the Liverpool John Lennon Airport and saw the murals did I learn of Liverpool's most famous band. During my time in the city there was absolutely no way I could forget it was "Home of the Beatles." Instead of visiting the Beatles Museum in my free time, I checked out the Tate Liverpool, housed in the beautiful new Albert Docks. Liverpool is one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2008, which as far as I can tell, means it gets a bunch of new buildings and cool exhibitions, like the showcase of the finalists for the Turner Prize at the Tate Liverpool. I'm slowly acclimating myself to the British vocabulary and soon may only respond to the name "Love."

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Edie said...

Kelly!! I've spent my entire life living under a pop-culture rock -- and even I know the Beatles are from Liverpool!!!!

I am, of course, jealous.