Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Weekend in Bruges with Lisa & Nick

One great thing about being in Europe is that it's not hard for family and friends to be tempted to visit you. This last weekend, we met up with Lisa and Nick who had been traveling through the Netherlands and Belgium. We spent two fun packed days and nights checking out the sites, indulging in delicious Belgian fare and partaking in some good old fashioned hanging out.
We're gonna do things a little different this time and include lots and lots of photos here (though I can't promise they all are as adorable as the one above). Here are the highlights with a few more words...
Friday evening Chris and I arrived at our bed & breakfast, where we tried their homemade special brew.
We then met up with Lisa & Nick at 't Brugs Beertje, where twenty minutes before we arrived Lisa was asked to pipe down the volume. Mind you this was a bustling bar. The complainers had the good sense to leave before loud excitable Kelly arrived on the scene.
After a morning of walking and shopping on Saturday, we feasted on scallops and prime rib for lunch. Then we had a trip to De Halve Maan brewery. Not quite as humorous as say the Red Hook Brewery tour, but it was interesting and ended with some delicious beer at the end. With over 200 steep stairs, leading to the roof, we had a great view of the city.
Saturday evening was spent enjoying many a delicious Belgian beer at Staminee de Garre, a cafe that both Lisa and I had on our "list" to visit.
Sunday the schedule was as relaxed and wonderful (read beer-filled) as Saturday. We sadly parted ways Sunday afternoon, where Chris and I managed to miss the last fast train out of Brussels to Köln and had a very long slow trip home, arriving after midnight instead of 8 pm.


Christina said...

I am SO jealous they got to see you! Eric and I are freakin' stoked to see you soon enough, I suppose. Love, Christina

viola said...

I wish those were photos of me with Chris and Kelly!!!!

A couple of new Kiwis said...

Looks like you are honing your skills at being good hosts. We can't wait for our turn.
Love, Lynn

Aaron Burkhalter said...

Excellent... we expect to have just as much, if not MORE... so you'd better prepare yourselves!

Barbara Jabbusch said...

We are in Teipei on our way home and it is exciting to see your pictures and read about your last month. Have fun in Trier - we await the latest pictures. Love Mom