Monday, March 31, 2008

Visitors from Below the Equator

This weekend we got a visit from Kelly's cousin Sarah and aunt and uncle Lynn and Rick, who get the furthest travel award, hailing from New Zealand. Sarah is starting a four month exchange at the University of Göttingen, and the three of them took that opportunity to see other friends and family in Germany and Belgium.
We were first on their to do list, so quickly had to order some nice weather (i.e. a little sun after all the snow on Monday - but perhaps not quite warm enough for that new spring Kelly green jacket).
Chris too is sporting the new spring hair do; quite a change, though not too drastic in response to his momentously old birthday happening later this week. The newly arrived guests took jet-lag in stride and we managed to pack in quite a few walks/bike rides around the city and plenty of great conversation (talking with your dad's sister is always great for those stories that he never "seems to remember").


Mark Jabbusch said...

Wish I were there! to celebrate Chris' birthday with you, and to hear some of those stories about Kelly's dad myself.

Annamarie said...

Wow Chris cleans up well. Hey Chris Alexa has a countdown to her birthday that has turned from days to hours. Of course she calls it countdown to her Learners Permit (ARRGGGHHH). It then occurred to me that in less then 48 hours you're going to be officially an "old guy"! Welcome to the dark side!