Friday, December 19, 2008

Center of Attention

Grandma and Grandpa arrived this week, and so we've been busy with outings. I guess they didn't really want to travel 10 hours just to hang out in our apartment. These outings, of course, are carefully planned around feedings and trying not to stay out in the cold for too long. We have learned, though, that having a new adorable tiny baby in tow makes for a very social trip outdoors. Everyone stops to ask about her, especially if they too have a baby (which is half of the population in this city).

There were also many gifts carted across the Atlantic. We've tried to wait for Christmas, but there were a few that we just had to open and get her into. Here she is with Grandpa and Grandma in a new outfit from my parents neighbors, the Robls:

Here she is in a cute snow suit from her (crazy) Aunt Lisa (her arms and legs don't quite fill it up yet, but it is perfect for an outing in the cold. This time she decided her arms did both belong in the arm holes.... today was a different story, as she demanded that her right hand be free to flail out in the cold.)

More later, including (hopefully) her first day trip in the new stroller.


Christina Merhar said...

what a little doll! She looks quite stylish in crazy aunt lisa's fasionable gear.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

she also has a look in that lower picture that roughly translates too "Good god people, yes I'm cute. Will you stop sticking me in different outfits and give me some f-ing milk???"

I assume that even before speaking Chris' child is something of a potty mouth.

Anonymous said...

She'd sure need that snowsuit if she was in Seattle right now. There's more than 12 inches sitting on our front lawn right now and several shrubs are not going to survive. We had to free the Christmas tree from a large bucket-shaped block of ice before we could bring it in to decorate.