Monday, December 1, 2008

More MB than the iPod 6G

As nursing now fills the majority of little Myrna Burkhalter's waking hours, her most endearing moments of the past several days have gone undocumented. When she isn't half-interestedly taking milk or reluctantly having her diaper changed, she's usually cuddled up like a tree frog against either Kelly or myself. None of these conditions lend themselves to a lot of photos. This morning, however, I caught her tapping into some of her Jabbusch insticts. Some of these photos can be viewed in a new Picasa album for December, which I'll update throughout the month. Her November pics, of course, can still be seen in the old album.

Ah, and a word of explanation on one of these. At those rare moments when she's on her own, Myrna loves to lay on her back with her feet shot straight up in the air, a position she can hold for remarkable lengths of time. We have no idea where this came from. Considering her feet were in her face for most of the pregnancy, could it be possible that she's already regressing?


A couple of new Kiwis said...

Absolutely beautiful!! So sorry we are too far away to meet Myrna but we love all the photos and stories. Keep them coming. Love, Lynn & Rick

Aaron Burkhalter said...

That top pick is great. She's looking very inquisitive!