Sunday, January 11, 2009

Even More Myrna

With 2008 having come to its logical conclusion, we've stopped adding photos to the December 2008 Picasa album, and started a January 2009 album. There's not much there so far, as it's been so cold, and the week-old snow so filthy, that we've stayed in-house as much as we can. Plus, leaving home tends not to feel too worthwhile, what with holiday hours, out-of-service photo printers, cleaned-out produce sections, and inoperable furnaces. But my parents and grandfather arrive this Thursday for a visit, so watch for them in coming photos, and cross fingers for a turn in the weather.


Mark Jabbusch said...

As Ethel Waters sang:
Why, there's a change in the weather, there's a change in the sea,
So from now on there'll be a change in me,
My walk will be be different, my talk, and my name,
Nothing about me's going to be the same;

Here's to better weather, good walks and changes in the sea of diapers.

Annamarie said...

It looks like Myrna has perfected her anti paparazzi stance. Why won't the photographers leave her alone and respect her privacy!