Tuesday, January 6, 2009

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Myrna officially has a favorite toy. My parents gave me this little pig blanket for my birthday last year, with the thought that it could be passed on to the new baby. The pig blanket is useful in two ways. First, the cute little head helps keep the important-to-her-parents-sanity pacifier in her mouth.

Second, once that pacifier falls out, the snout resembles something near and dear to Myrna's heart, and she has a new object to pop in her mouth.
It doesn't keep her distracted for too long, but five extra minutes of peace is all worth it. Of course all the pigs in the household seem to have taught our daughter how to snort - an action she embarks on whenever she is hungry or disgruntled (which is quite a few times a day). And the new year has brought on a change of outfits for Myrna, as the premie sized pajamas she's sporting above can no longer hold her long and often outstretched legs.

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