Monday, March 23, 2009

Myrna's Baptism

Yesterday morning at Christ Church in Seattle (where I was baptized, as well) Myrna was baptized by the Rev. Steve Garratt and the Rev. Allan Parker (my grandfather). She wore a streaming white gown that her mother had also worn for her baptism, and which has now been worn by five generations of eldest daughters. We had an unbelievable showing of friends and family, leaving no question that Myrna is loved and supported. And she landed herself a solid trio of Godparents in Abigail Fowler, Grace Telcs (who flew up from Berkeley, CA), and her uncle Daniel Burkhalter (who journeyed all the way from Champaign, IL). We were glad to see everybody, and are sincerely greatful that so many people were there.
Last night after we'd returned home we uploaded a bunch of pictures (mostly taken by Kelly's dad and Aaron) to our Picasa site. The full run can be viewed here, and other recent non-baptismal pictures live here.


Carl said...

I'm sorry we missed this. It's not that often, anymore, that I get to see the esteemed Rev. Parker in action.

Annamarie said...

We're so sorry we missed the baptism.I can't wait to see your beautiful little girl. I just love other peoples babies. When they make bad noises or start to smell bad, I just give them back to Mom and Dad. All the fun without the downside. ;)