Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Berkeley

We are still settling into our new digs in Berkeley. Jetlag has subsided (or at least I think it has, but since we still get up in the middle of the night, this concept of time-zones doesn't have much meaning). Myrna can tell you all about our block - as she has multiple walks around it with her dad each day (read: she is upset and needs to be taken outside). Lucky for us the weather has been great for such excursions. I am getting back into the swing of work, and am surrounding myself with lots of math excitement. We are enjoying the finer American products - like 6 different kinds of cereal (which we are almost out of), gallons of ice-cream in our full-size refrigerator, IPA, and the gigantic jar of salsa that we have consumed in the last week.
Myrna is a different person every few days. She now likes sitting up (with back support, and as long as she is not upset) and joining in with the conversation. She's met lots of new friends on her walks and out in cafes. She also is a drool machine, soaking up her outfit within minutes of it being dry. And her favorite new challenge is standing (again with support).
We also finally got a March Picasa page going for all her fans!

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Kerry said...

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary you two! who knew three years later you'd have a little brussel sprout!