Friday, February 27, 2009

Myrna the Jetsetter

We are now back on US soil, after one long, long day. Myrna was a doll, a great blessing. Here are the stats...

4 - the number of new iPod headphones we found while packing.

2 - the number of people on our street we had helping us to get a taxi, after the one we had ordered still hadn't shown up.

113 - total weight (in Kilos) of our 5 checked bags. That's about 249 lbs. Thankfully, they calculated our weight limit as a total sum (ie 250 lbs was our limit and it was okay one suitcase was 56 lbs)

10 - the number of baskets we filled going through security in Köln (and they don't make you take off shoes or belts) plus a stroller.

2.90 - the price (in Euros) of a half liter beer in the Munich airport. (We didn't have any, but we couldn't believe how cheap it was for an airport.)

0 - the number of complimentary bottles of beer, glasses of wine and cocktails we consumed on the international leg of our flight.

8 - the number of flight attendants cooing over Myrna.

8 - the number of diaper changes (about half of which were in flight)

0 - the number of loud outbursts by Myrna that made her parents want to hide.


Anonymous said...

Those are great stats! Hope the rest of your journey is smooth, and we can't wait to see you guys down here.


Christina Merhar said...

Do we have the pleasure of seeing a march photo album yet? I hope you continue to blog and post photos now that you are state-side again! hugs, c

J Paul M said...

I hope that you are all settling in to your new home. What is the new home like?

Kerry said...

Need more on the Jabbusch-Burkhalter clan! What state are you guys in now?!