Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Myrna's Big Week

Myrna's week has been quite exciting already - and it's only Tuesday. Monday morning started with a visit from the "Kinder Willkommen" brigade. We got lots of great information about classes we could take with our baby - sadly we won't be in the city long enough to take advantage of them. But we could enjoy the blanket bedazzled with Köln's Football logo.

Yes, the mascot of Köln's Football team is a goat. This blanket may have fulfilled the need to get a tacky Köln souvenir for Myrna. Flip the blanket 90 degrees, and we find the Köln Karneval logo. This is about as close as she will get to Karneval, as we are escaping to Belgium next week when the madness starts here.
Today, Myrna had another sonographie. Previous ultrasounds have resulted in one loud crying baby, but this time she thought sonagraphie time was playtime - cooing and giggling as cold gel was applied to her legs. I hope she doesn't expect us to have such expensive toys at her disposal. On Wednesday she will be twelve weeks old. Thursday she'll see her Kinderarzt again and we'll have her current weight and height. But she already has grown quite a bit. Remember when Pig had a few inches on her?

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J Paul M said...

Last evening Mark was here for dinner and it was great to see him and have some time together. He said that come spring time you will be in Berkley for a time. I think that Paul and I are going to be heading to that area during my spring vacation (the first full week of April). Will you be there then? It would be fun to see the three of you. Keep me posted.