Monday, February 16, 2009

Who am I?

Myrna's dad had a little trouble getting her hat on correctly.
I thought she looked like Martha Washington (got President's Day on the mind). Chris thought she looked more like some character from one of those Star movies (Star Wars or Star Trek - they're the same, right?) Any other suggestions?

As you can see, it looks a little bit better when it's on correctly.
This hat is great. She usually objects to any M├╝tze, but this one isn't so tight and it isn't so big that it falls over her eyes. Though, she is still happiest when it is about to come off.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Myrna. No matter how cute, hats just plain annoy me. I'll wear one if it is just too cold or wet to go without but I refuse to like it! And it comes off at the very first possible second.

But -- it is a really cute hat, even upside down.

I think I'll avoid commenting on the Star Wars/Star Trek thing. I'll leave that to Chris.


Kerry said...

is that a DIMPLE in that last photo!??! too cute.

Christina Merhar said...

she looks so cute in the sweater set! I love the new pics!

Barbara Jabbusch said...

I can't believe I got on to your site!! I'm so thrilled to see the latest pictures and see how much she has grown. She looks big now compared to some of the premies here in Vietnam.

The hat is adorable. Much love to all of you.