Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moving on Out

Myrna becomes more and more mobile each day. She's got rolling down - from back to tummy and tummy to back - and once on her tummy, her pivoting skills are amazing. Theoretically this means she could get from point A to point B, by rolling, pivoting and rolling again, but thankfully she hasn't quite figured this out. Any day now, I'm sure she'll figure out a crawling motion, just so she can get her mouth closer to those dirty socks on the floor. Rolling and scooting on the living room rug/blanket is all good, but when it comes to making (and eating) meals, she likes to see us, so that means moving her into the kitchen. Our routine was that she would sit peacefully in her car seat, but as you can see, she's figured out how to crawl out of her seat if not fully belted in.

Step 1: Get out of a sitting positionStep 2: Realize you're doing something you shouldn't be.Step 3: Get a little scared.
Step 4: Tilt the car seat by holding onto the belt.
Step 5: ? We've yet to see what her plan is from this point on.


Christina Merhar said...

love it! look how big she is getting-- she is just adorable. thanks for the pics :)

Barbara Jabbusch said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures!! We miss you so much and wish we could see her in person. Keep the pictures coming!! Love you, Mom

Mark Jabbusch said...

Wanting to get out of a car seat lasts only until she can get a foot to the pedal! Looks like her world just got a lot bigger.