Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day in Strasbourg

We spent the weekend in Strasbourg, as I had a seminar on Monday, which we used as an excuse to visit France. Besides celebrating my birthday, we also could celebrate (American) Father's Day. Father's Day in Germany is in May (around the American and German Mother's Day) and involves fathers heading to the forest to drink beer and/or parade around the city. Chris, instead, almost got some flowers from Myrna.
And he did get a beer with dinner that we enjoyed while listening to a band during Strasbourg's Festival of Music Sunday evening.
Myrna quite enjoyed France, flirting as usual with anyone in her eye line, smiling and giggling while people spoke to her in French (my reaction too when spoken to in French). She had her first try with a high chair Saturday morning at breakfast. She loved sitting at the table with us and eating her cereal as we ate ours - think it's about time to make that a regular meal habit. And speaking of firsts, Chris snapped a photo of me at dinner on Sunday while Myrna was on his lap. Think this is the first photo of me sans Myrna since her arrival.


Mark Jabbusch said...

That is a beautiful 'people magnet' you have there in her hat!

Brandon Graham said...

This is awesome.
I've been out of the baby loop and am now catching up on your adventures.

Jody L. said...

As always, Myrna's adorable, but you two look great, too!