Monday, July 6, 2009

At the Big Person's Table

Myrna had her first try with a booster seat in Strasbourg, and loved it. So, it was high time we looked into high chairs. Researching such things is never easy here, as product reviews are far less common in Germany (why wouldn't you just buy one of the three offerings at your neighborhood store?) Anyway, we settled on a hook on chair that was highly recommended in the US and available on German ebay. Wednesday morning I ordered it and imagine our surprise when on Thursday morning, less than 24 hours of purchasing it, it was delivered to our apartment - now that's some efficient post.
Myrna is enjoying the seat for her meals and ours, and we're enjoying having our plates in front of us instead of at an arm's reach away. Of course her favorite toy is the plastic measuring cup which she bangs on the table, so we're not quite enjoying peaceful dinners, but it's still an improvement. Her meal repertoire is increasing, as she'll now eat carrots mixed with other veggies (she detested spinach, much to her parents dismay). We're evil parents, though, as we only offer her cereal, fruits and vegetables, depriving her of Keks (Cookie) and Schoko (Chocolate) baby food:
And, as we are now in July, Myrna has begun a new album... enjoy!

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Jody L. said...

Holy cow! Leave it to my mother's homeland to make such baby foods. Perhaps my father's ancestral nation creates pastries in a jar (the Danes do know how to make breads and sweets).