Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gettin' Up

The hotel we booked in Heidelberg was lovely, but wasn't carpeted. This meant that Myrna didn't get much on-the-floor playtime on Friday or Saturday. To make up for this, she wowed us on Sunday with determined, controlled forward motion. It started with some G.I. Jane move, creeping forward as though under jungle brush. By Tuesday, she'd already replaced this maneuver, pushing herself up on her arms and throwing herself forward. The thing is, she mostly only does this when she spots something that she's not typically allowed to play with. So we baited the livingroom, shot a few videos, spliced them together, and overdubbed some music. Martin Scorsese and Thelma Shoonmaker we are not, but this should showcase Myrna's new moves.

Of course, in the 36 hours since we shot these videos, her floor-work has further evolved, incorporating more help from her legs. It's practically a real crawl.


Christina Merhar said...

too cute! I love her little legs that kick. looks like you have a swimmer. :)

Mark Jabbusch said...

What a great video!!! She's taking after her mother's inch-worm crawl. I'm not sure where that cute kick came from though. It is so delightful, we've watched it over and over. I guess we'll need a gate for the stairs when you get back.

Jody L. said...

Only just saw this today--hysterical! I love the mis-sequence of movements: up on arms, flop to stomach slightly forward, then kick wildly.