Saturday, July 18, 2009

Break Dancing and Keeping Cool

We busted out the video camera again, and here are the results.

First we have Myrna trying to crawl, or what we like to call it, break dancing. Check out her moves (and how she dances well with the music). Big bonus points to anyone who can name the song featured:

Second we have Myrna with the fan, as the photo was such a hit:



Aaron Burkhalter said...

So was the music running during that video or did you add it later?

Very cute by the way!

Kelly Jabbusch said...

My editing skills are nonexistent, so that was music playing during the taping. We recently got some hot new speakers, so we have good music again (sadly we left our first and better pair in Köln).

Kerry said...

dude, these videos make me smile, I've been watching them about once a day! So cute - keep 'em coming!

Jody L. said...

Myrna looks like she's free-fall sky-diving in front of the fan. Hysterical!