Monday, July 27, 2009


We spent a good chunk of the weekend in Heidelberg, enjoying the beautiful weather, checking out the Schloss and trying the local beer. Myrna was a trooper, and of course made lots of new friends.

Enjoying the sun and view!
Tasting Vetter's beer (only the one with the happy face was tasting)
Including the Vetter 33 - the world's strongest beer after original gravity (33%)
And the Schloss

In the fountain were lots of salamanders. Chris wasn't quite as cool as the dad who was noodling for them for his boys. More pics of Myrna are as usual on this months Picasa album.


Christina Merhar said...

mmm... looks like some tasty beer choices. I am surprised you were still standing after that 33% one!

Chris Burkhalter said...

I don't even know how high-alcohol it was. It didn't seem all that potent - just HEAVY.