Friday, July 24, 2009

Garden Goodies

We have been enjoying summer garden treats, thanks to our neighbors/parents of our landlord, the Kirsteins. We have a great backyard that we can use for storing our stroller and bike, which also houses a vast garden. In June, we first were treated to a big bowl of cherries (very common in Freiburg). Unfortunately, we got these right before we left for the weekend, and forgetting to pack them along, they were bad by the time we returned. However, Frau Kirstein gave us some homemade cherry jelly and slowly I'm getting over the assumption I had that I didn't like cherries. The next treat was a very large zucchini that we baked with feta and tomatoes. The same night we broke out a jar of baby food zucchini for Myrna to try - definitely not her cup of tea and the only way she would eat it was if it was mixed with twice as much carrot. Thursday I got word from Chris that we were just given fresh figs. In less than 24 hours we have already eaten five between the two (well maybe three) of us. Martha Stewart helped us make delicious goat cheese, fig and onion sandwiches, tasty indeed. We were very excited to share such a treat with Myrna. First we tried mashed fig, which caused a very sour face. Even mixed with cereal, she despised it. But it did make a tasty little dessert for us.

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Mark Jabbusch said...

We are hoping the hot weather produces some tomatoes this year in our garden... still green. I am green with envy of your abundance!