Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Holiday

Like any European country, Swedes have a long Easter holiday. Thursday was a half day for most and Good Friday - Easter Monday is one long holiday. Plus the sun has started to shine and we're warming up to the mid 40s! The snow mostly melted and the sidewalks cleaned, we enjoyed a nice long walk today (during which Myrna slept) before stopping at the park by our apartment. It was a first for all of us (as it has been buried under the snow for the last few months). Even post-nap, pre-lunch Myrna had a blast.

We'll continue to have a fun-filled weekend - with Chris's Birthday on Easter and the hope of a new cousin on the way any day now!


Grace Telcs said...

Are you going to dress up Myrna as an "Easter witch"?! (I never really understood this tradition.)

Kelly Jabbusch said...

We still also don't really get the Easter witch thing either. Though we did know about it before seeing all the Halloween type witches for sale. But, I think it was Thursday that was the Witch Day, so we missed it.